How to Apply Press On Nails

So, you finally got your hands on that cute set you’ve been eyeing but you’re not sure how to apply press on nails… no worries, we got you! We’re going to be sharing our favorite tips (pun intended) and tricks on how to apply press on nails like a pro. And that’s on never losing a nail again 😉! 

Prep is Key

Hold your horses, don’t reach for that glue just yet, sis! Prepping your nails and the skin around them is crucial for the longevity of your press-on nails. Grab a cuticle pusher and get rid of all the excess skin and push back your cuticles.

Once you’ve done that, you can start buffing the entire nail! Why? If you glue your press-ons to a smooth surface, chances are they’ll come off way faster - buffing your nails will create a rougher surface so the glue can adhere better. Remember to lightly buff so you don’t damage your nails!

Cleanse & dehydrate

It’s important to remove any oils and dirt from your nails to avoid them from falling off easier. Use an alcohol wipe or a little acetone to clean the surface of your nails!  

Glue 'em on

To glue press on nails like a pro, apply glue all over your nails (avoiding your skin) and apply your press on nails at an angle starting at your cuticles. Follow that by applying pressure to the middle and then pinch the sides to ensure the nail is glued on all sides! 

Finishing touches

You can always take a nail file to file the sides of the press on nails to make them fit your natural nail contours even better.  Now that you know how to apply press on nails like a pro, get yourself a set! We have lots of styles in stock & we also take custom orders. Go ahead, don’t be shy 😉.